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Why List with Advantage Property Management?

Do you really need a property management service such as ours in order to succeed in renting out your home, apartment, or other residential unit? Honestly, no. Anyone can list their property and be an independent landlord, overseeing tenants and collecting rent according to any contract they want to draw up. The other reality of this, though, is this approach comes loaded with all sorts of stress, hassles, and inconveniences. Oftentimes, property owners such as yourself want to be able to get tenants renting ASAP, ensure timely rent payments, and keep the property in good shape — all without having to constantly be bothered by the big or little issues that inevitably arise when dealing with rental situations. If that’s the case with you, then acquiring the services of property managers such as ourselves is in your best interests.

Not only will you be able to enjoy more freedom in your schedule, you’ll also be guaranteed a higher level of:

  1. Service – We commit all our resources and skills to helping the properties you own meet your goals, financial or otherwise.
  2. Convenience – Because our entire job revolves around managing your property, we’re always available to take care of any issue that arises, meaning your regular routine is uninterrupted (and you can spend more time investing in work, family, or recreation).
  3. Security – We’re always on top of tenant situations with all properties listed with us. We monitor them consistently so you know your property is receiving the respect and care it deserves.
  4. Communication – We keep you informed of all happenings and updates with your property and tenants through comprehensive monthly and annual reports.
  5. Stress-Free – We deal with all the daily hassles involved in renting or owning a property so that you don’t have to! Leave the tough stuff to us, and enjoy greater peace of mind knowing no issue is overlooked.

List with Us Today!

We’ve refined the process of getting your property listed with us so it’s as simple as possible while also ensuring your real estate investments are protected. We’ll sit down with you and outline exactly what you can expect from us along the way so there are no surprises or loose ends.

When you list with us, we make a substantial effort to get and maintain the best tenants in your property through steps such as:

  1. Property Advertising – We list your property on our personal website so potential tenants can discover it as soon as possible.
  2. Tenant Management – Not only do we help people get approved for renting, but we also work with you to determine what qualities you want most in tenants and screen them accordingly.
  3. Rent Collection – We process all the finances and get the rent cheques your way on time, every time.
  4. Maintenance Management – If there’s ever an issue with the property that requires maintenance, we will either use a list of pre-approved sub-trades or collect job quotes for you to choose from.
  5. Conflict Resolution – If a tenant ever has an issue with the property or is unable to pay rent on time, we immediately address these problems according to the specific contract we’ve drawn up together.

…and much more! You can be as involved or uninvolved in any of these services as you like. Want to be entirely hands-off and just have us send you the rent cheques each month? Want to remain informed on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis about budget, unit, and tenant status? Whatever your comfort levels, we’ll work with you to see them fully satisfied.

Contact us today to see if our property management services are the best choice for your situation and your units.