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About Us

About Us


Who are We?

Advantage Property Management is made up of a team of property management experts. We come from a variety of backgrounds that give us a unique perspective as a whole, including construction and other property management teams. What this means is that we all contribute a wide variety of skills and insights to our current property management service, giving us a keen ability to evaluate properties and tenants, agility in responding to tenant issues and maintenance, and more.

We’re committed to providing nothing less than the highest quality service and everything we do is geared towards that goal. When it comes to real estate and property management, we know that the success of renting or owning a property is based on a level of trust that goes beyond the contracts themselves. As such, when we work with you, we go above and beyond to ensure you can trust us in all areas.

In short, we’re the type of people to get to know you and would love to sit down to discuss serious business and how we can help you best achieve your property goals.

Where’s the Advantage?

When you work with Advantage Property Management, you’re getting ahead in your property dealings in several ways. Beyond our main service and guidance we provide, you’re also getting the dedicated attention of a property management team that is constantly expanding its skill set and client base. It’s our belief that unless you’re involved in real estate on a daily basis, there’s always going to be some critical detail that gets overlooked. So we make sure to be immersed in all aspects of the industry so we can then turn that expertise to work on your behalf.

We’re also tapped into the community of Grande Prairie and its surrounding area, maintaining vital connections with constantly shifting real estate trends and population dynamics. While real estate is, of course, focused on the properties—the apartments, the homes, the land—the real foundation is based on the people, the relationships. We’ve forged those strong networks and relationships so that you can enjoy the benefits in the long run.

So when you work with us, you’re not only receiving unparalleled results, but also a deeper attention to detail and a broader scope of knowledge that factors in to the proper maintenance and growth of your properties.